Emerson Acres

Chelan County PUD is in the process of extending power to Emerson Acres. The unique properties are increasing in value do to this. In the past the these properties have been solar powered. Most have water pumped from the lake. There is currently 4 properties for sale consisting of 2 homes and 2 lots. Now is the time for you to get in on this great opportunity!


Check out the properties listed at Emerson Acres!


According to recent reports in Investors, a stress test conducted last April by the FHFA found that under falling home prices or changing interest rates, Fannie and Freddie would need a Treasury draw of as much as $190 billion.  The last bailouts of the pair cost taxpayers $188 billion.

Mel Watt, a chief architect of the last housing crash, has been appointed to regulate Fannie and Freddie by President Obama.  Mr. Watt has already slashed credit requirements and reduced down payments while pledging to assist borrowers with bad credit.  These are exactly the types of risky loans that created the last housing melt down.

His most recent actions are requiring Fannie and Freddie to modify loans, reducing interest-rates  and even forgiving principal when low-income borrowers are late on payments or “upside down” on their mortgages.

The last housing crisis hurt everyone but especially hurt low income and minority home owners who were most likely to default.  Who would have though history would repeat itself in only ten years.

Brisk demand has pushed pending home sales in January to their highest level since August 2013 according to the National Association of REALTORS®’ Pending Home Sales Index.

The index rose 1.7%in January, which is 8.4% above levels a year ago.  In the western region demand was even higher.

The Pending Home Sales Index rose 1.7 percent in January to a 104.2 reading – 8.4 percent above levels from a year ago.  The pending sales index for the western region  climbed 2.2 percent in January and is 11.4 percent above year ago levels!  Boom!

If you are selling, I hope you did not take your home off the market “for the slow winter.”


When the developer  of a major new subdivision is accused of first-degree malicious mischief, it adds a bit of irony to the development’s name, The Lookout.  I suppose it is fortunate it wasn’t named the Hideout!

Apparently the trees were impeding the views from his development and he may have thought that a bunch of salt around their bases might be the solution.  What happened instead is that George “Ted” Schroth was arrested on suspicion of first-degree malicious mischief.

He is the developer of The Lookout in Chelan and Seabrook on Washington’s ocean coast.  How sad that he thought that would be productive.


12695 S Lakeshore Rd

Rarely do deals like this come along. 12695 S Lakeshore Rd these two homes have a great location near Kelly’s Resort. They were listed for $499,000 and recently had a $64,000 price drop. That is right two homes for the price of one only $435,000.

13000 S Lakeshore RD

This fantastic home located at 13000 S Lakeshore Rd on Lake Chelan is listed $699,000 from the lower level, you walk right out at waters edge. The 2552 sqft home offers 3 bedrooms and 3.25 baths. This homes should move fast.

Opportunities usually doesn’t hang around for long!



Even though we typically do have over 300 days of sunshine each year at Lake Chelan, this week we have had an inversion holding in low clouds.

That hasn’t damped anyone’s spirits in looking at properties though.  Even last week, without any big events, many of us in the office were booked with showings.

With Winterfest the next two weekends, it should be a busy time at Lake Chelan!  Let me know if I can help you with any local real estate.


Having a look at the two maps, it seems we could replace most of the census with a satellite image, if population is all we are measuring:

NASA light map versus Census dot map

Wouldn’t it be interesting to also see a map showing public ownership of lands?  I bet that would take up most of the dark areas.


Here it is, New Year’s again.  It is the time pundits for everything make predictions about the coming year.  Real estate is no exception.

If I go back to last year’s predictions, the overall expectation was continued growth in home sales and a slowing of price appreciation.  It was sort of right, price appreciation slowed, from double digits in most of the country to around 4.6%.  Seattle managed an 11% gain in 2014 nonetheless.  Home sales volume actually dropped off in the latter part of 2014, helping cool price increases.

So, don’t be surprised that this year the pundits are expecting “growth in home sales.”  At least this year the expectation is for even more moderate price growth than last year.  One thing I do think they have correct is that demand for new, or newer homes, will be up.

Enjoy ringing in the New Year!  If you have real estate needs in the Lake Chelan area, don’t worry about the pundits.  What really matters is what is going on right here in our own, Lake Chelan market.  The news is actually pretty good in that there are reasonable opportunities for both buyers and sellers to get their real estate transactions taken care of for 2015.  If you need a trustworthy real estate guide, I would be honored!



Have a marvelous Christmas!  Our Lake Chelan Christmas doesn’t look like it will have snow, although that magic might still happen.

It really doesn’t matter though, the love of the season is the real magic.  May you have a magical Christmas as well!